Be a Visitor Champion

Lake George Area Arrival to Departure (A2D) Tourism Awarness Training Program

We've heard many participants say they wish they had this training for interacting with visitors before they started working in tourism.

It's perfect for front-line employees, particularly those who have little-to-no experience, as well as longtime workers in the tourism industry. We recommend this tourism training for a variety of fields: retail, lodging, dining, attractions and services — just to name a few. This tourism training is useful for any position, in any profession that comes in contact with visitors to the region. We feel this is essential training that can be seamlessly worked into your orientation process.

What's Covered?

Topics covered include:
  • Why tourism is important to this area
  • What visitors want and where to go to find it.
  • How to get them where they want to go.
  • How to find out what interests them.
  • How to give them more than they expect.
  • How to engage them every chance you get.
  • How we ALL make a difference.

What's the format?

The tourism training course takes place in two parts.

  1. 90-minute online course that can be done at the participants leisure (7 total learning modules)

  2. 60-75 minute "live" class, which will occur on a monthly basis and can be found in the A2D Learner Portal. 

What are the Benefits?

First, the training is 100% FREE!

Once participants have completed the course, they are deemed Certified Visitor Champions.

As a Certified Visitor Champion, participants will have a hiring advantage with local employers, enhanced understanding of tourism in the region, and have assurance that they are prepared to engage with visito

Visitor Champions will receive:
  • A Certified Visitor Champion Certificate ot share with current and potential employers
  • A professional pin to wear on their work attire
  • A folder containing resources of maps, Lake George Area info, and tourist-related brochures


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