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The Lake George Area has so much to offer for students who are looking to continue their education in business and hospitality while here for the summer! With local college, SUNY Adirondack, you can complete online coursework while working and exploring all that the region has to offer.

Summer 2023 Offerings in Hospitality:

HOS 181 - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (ONLINE)

This course is designed for hospitality management professionals. A foundation of knowledge is gained by exploring the operations of hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, retail travel agencies, tour groups, theme parks, natural and historic sites, and other travel-related facilities and organizations. Additional topics include marketing, finance, management and career options.  Includes A2D training and NARCAN Training.

BUS 102 - Principles of Management (ONLINE)

This course develops both the content and process issues of management. Defines the functional activities of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, while stressing the areas of communications, decision making, group dynamics, conflict resolution, motivation, leadership, and individual self-improvement. The art of delegation is explored in the issues of authority, accountability, and responsibility.

BUS 103 - Principles of Marketing (ONLINE)

This course covers the history of marketing and development of current marketing practices. Emphasis is on the marketing concept and the decision-making process. Includes practical applications designed to develop student interest in the field of marketing.


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